Internships are an integral part of gaining experience in your field of interest. Most jobs look to see where applicants have interned or volunteered as a qualifier for filling positions. Internships give real life experience in a structured setting. These types of employment are perfect to hone your skills in the field and have a lifelong mentor in your corner cheering you on.


  • Must be a current undergraduate student
  • Must maintain a 2.5 GPA

The NC Maritime Museum at Southport is thrilled to get these started! The internship has been designed into an 8-week program that exposed the intern to all aspects of the museum. Interns are expected to be at the museum a minimum of 5 hours a week and at the end of the program they must present their project.

The Project:

This can take one of two forms. Either the intern creates an educational program or creates a panel and interactive for the exhibit hall. Both take much research and time commitment. This project will be presented to a panel of community and museum members. Each panelist will have a grading sheet to complete as well as given the opportunity for questions, comments and feedback.


Navigate to our Internship page and review the Internship packet for more information, then fill out a Registration form and send to the Curator of Education. Have questions before you want to hit submit? Email the Curator of Education to set up a 30 minute mentoring call!

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