Frequently Asked Questions and site info

Here is some quick information about your visit. If you can’t find the answer to your questions hop over to our contact page or call us at 910-477-5151.


7 things to know for your visit

Check out these answers to the seven most commonly asked questions as you prepare to visit the NC Maritime Museum at Southport


  1. Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  2. There is no designated parking lot. There is parking available along all nearby streets.
  3. 3 levels of Scavenger hunts—ranging from hunting for artifacts to completing a crossword puzzle—are available.
  4. Wheelchair available to borrow during your visit
  5. Facilities include male, female and family restrooms with changing table.
  6. There is a water fountain and water bottle filling station

Semi-guided tour

Join former Education Curator Katy Menne for brief highlights of our permanent exhibits. Video features spoken English, closed captions and American Sign Language interpretation by Lisa Barker.


Nervous about your visit?

New environments can be scary no matter how old you are! We have used the My Museum Book from Libraries and Autism to help with visiting a new place! This book helps to explain what we do, programs you may be interested in, when we are open to the public as well as some rules to keep in mind when you are visiting. We welcome all ages, abilities and demographics. And our hope is to ease the transition from the comfort of your home or school to the museum.

Enclosed in the book are pictures of:




  • The entrance
  • Scavenger hunt location
  • Bathrooms and water fountain location