Friends of the Museum

Mission Statement:
The purpose of the corporation of the Friends of the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport are as follows: to develop, encourage, and promote public awareness of the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport; to serve as a philanthropic organization for the support of the resources, programs and facilities of the NCMM at Southport; to render assistance as requested by the Museum; and, to acquire, hold, sell, convey, dispose, and administer real and personal estate and do any all things in furtherance of these purposes as permitted under Chapter 55A of the General Statutes of North Carolina. The powers to be exercised and the purposes for which the corporation is formed shall be restricted to those allowable under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

Board Members

  • Tom Hale, Chairman
  • Linda Pukenas, Vice Chairman
  • Wayne Berry, Treasurer
  • Donnie Joyner, Recording Secretary
  • Irene Joseph, Board Member
  • Woody Wilson, Board Member
  • Hank Whitley, Board Member
  • Claire McNaught, Board Member
  • Bill Howell, Board Member
  • B. Wayne Strickland, Board Member
Southport Wooden Boat Show Board presenting a donation to the Friends of the NC Maritime Museum at Southport.
L-R: Lori Sanderlin, Linda Pukenas, Hank Whitley, Wayne Strickland, Becky Felton, Katy Menne, Chris Schnell, Claire McNaught, Carol Midgett, Frank Clark, Lee Maxwell, Kristan Phillips, Donnie Joyner

From the Chairman

Don’t Blink!

So many changes are happening at the museum that we often say, “don’t blink!” This, of course, is a good statement.  As the museum evolves and changes exhibits and interpretation, more visitors arrive, school groups travel to the museum, and the curator of education has more and more outreach opportunities throughout the Lower Cape Fear.

The Friends of the NC Maritime Museum at Southport is also evolving and changing.  We have created a new Long-Range Planning Committee and a Media/Communications Committee to look ahead at what we can do to help the museum and to grow as a support group.  We have fundraisers planned for the spring and fall, so look for more information as details unfold.

This May, the museum opens its newest exhibit “The Sea Shall Not Have Them,” which interprets the Life-Saving Service, the Cutter Service, and the Lighthouse Service in our area that formed the United States Coast Guard.  Thanks to many local donors, like April Potter, and entities that loaned artifacts such as Old Baldy and Smith’s Island Museum, the US Navy, and the US Coast Guard Station Oak Island for making this exhibit possible.    

Be sure to check out our 2020 Calendar to stay up to date, because, as we said, “Don’t blink,” you will miss something great!

See You in Southport,
B. Wayne Strickland
FOM Chairman

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